Rejuran Healer Treatment

Made popular by South Korea and China, Rejuran Healer (婴儿针) is an advanced anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and skin healing treatment that regenerates skin cells from deep inside, delivering high biocompatible DNA fragment to your body, polynucleotide (PN) to dermis to improve the biological condition of damaged skin inside.

The resulting effect? Firm, clear, glass-like baby skin that lasts for months!


Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. Rejuran Skin Healer can be injected into the dermis layer of the skin either by an injector gun, or by manual injections with a very fine needle. At Privé, we employ the manual injection technique at a specific angle to ensures the product reaches the optimal skin layers and product wastage is minimised for best results. 



REJURAN Healer delivers highly biocompatible Salmon DNA fragment – polynucleotide (PN), to a specific layer of the skin to activate the revitalization of damaged skin by promoting cell growth and collagen formation. Its powerful rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties helps with skin healing and regeneration, thus quickening the recovery process! On its own, Rejuran Healer is also useful as preventive treatment to delay ageing process, for healthy, baby-skin that lasts for months! 




Is it safe? Any downtime?

Micro injections of Rejuran Healer are very safe. PN is very gentle to the skin. Adverse reaction to the material is extremely rare. You may experience some needle marks and swelling on the treated spot on the day of the treatment, but it usually resolves within 24 hours, enabling you to get back to your normal daily activities.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

An initial course of 3 treatment session, 3-4 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results. After the intensive course of treatment, you can repeat 1 treatment session every 4-6 months to further maintain and enhance your skin quality.

Rejuran Healer is only performed in a medical aesthetics clinic by a certified doctor. You can be assured the doctors at Prive Clinic are certified and have extensive hands-on training to give you the most optimum results you wish to achieve. We recommend a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss the optimal treatment plan and results for you.

Who is a suitable candidate for this treatment?

Rejuran Healer is suitable for men and women, especially those with damaged skin related to sun, ageing or acne. It has powerful rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties that help with skin healing, regeneration and renewal.

It is also excellent for young adults as a preventive treatment to delay aging.

Is it painful?

Numbing cream is applied prior to treatment to minimise any pain or discomfort. The whole procedure is generally well tolerated by most patients. Rejuran Healer is placed in the inner skin layer by a series of micro-injections with ultra fine needles to activate self-regeneration ability of skin, improve thickness of epidermis and dermis and overall elasticity of skin for healthy and youthful skin.

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    Our Doctors

    Dr Karen Soh

    Dr Karen Soh graduated as a Raffles Top Scholar before going on to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine from National University of Singapore in 1997. In her 40s, she developed an interest in anti-aging medicine, and went on to receive specialised training in a variety of aesthetic treatments and minimally invasive face and body treatments. With more than 10 years of experience under her belt, she serves on the committee of the Association for Women Doctors Singapore (AWDS) to mentor younger doctors and regularly attends seminars and training session by international experts to stay updated. 

    Dr. Shirley Kwee

    Dr. Shirley Kwee completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, before returing to Asia to train in medical aesthetics. She is fully-accredited to perform a variety of aesthetic treatments as well as minimally invasive body enhancement treatments. Dr. Kwee is well-liked and trusted by many patients for her friendly demeanor and holistic approach towards beauty. 

    At Privé, we are deeply committed to helping patients look and and feel their best. We provide aesthetic enhancements and clinically-proven treatments with a strong focus on safety. Led by our Medical Director, Dr Karen Soh, all our staff are professionally-trained. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and expertise across the Privé team.